Freezing your rat in your freezer to "put him down"?

my friends rat aparently had a stroke and they dont have the money right now to take it to a vet.

two people said puting it in a box in the freezer will kill it with out pain.

i am completly against animal crulty and if ANYONE knows that it hurts them or dosnt FOR A FACT please let me know. i dont want it to suffer anymore.
I saw your other question about your friend's rat having what appears to be a stroke, but I think I've answered your other question here as well. Tell your friend I am so sorry :*(

Speaking to your friend....

Rats need not parish from a stroke, although admittedly, it takes a long-term commitment and emotional fortitude on your part to get your rat through it. I've had rats that have lived fairly comfortably with their disabilities after a stroke and others that die within three hours of the stroke. It depends on the part of the brain that was damaged as to whether or not they will recover.
Nursing sick rats

From the website:
"Hypothermia is neither short nor painless. Some time ago on the rats list, Brian Lee detailed an experience in which he almost died from exposure. He went through it step by step for us so we could all understand how inhumane this method truly is. Yes, in the end, a person or animal who has died from exposure appears to have died peacefully, but the steps leading up to that death, as described by Brian, are horrendously painful.

Think about how your bare hands begin to feel in the winter before they go numb. It is pretty painful. Imagine how you would feel if someone you knew, loved and trusted put you in a giant freezer, turned out the light, locked the door and went away. Imagine how terrified you would feel! What an agonizing and lengthy way to die. It is not my idea of humane, and that is exactly what your beloved pet would experience. Who could live with their conscience after using this method?"

My vet charges me $10.00 to have my rats euthenized by an overdose of isoflorine gas. The same gas that is used to put animals to sleep for surgery.

What is the process of dying? Details human death but also pertains to rats.

Many of my rats have died at home, in the peace and quiet of being surrounded by their friends and family. If it is a lone rat, I put him/her in the pocket of a hoody that I am wearing until they pass away. That way, they don't die alone. They go into a coma-like state where they are oblivious to everything around them, like they are in their own little world. Their body gets colder and the breathing get shallower until they.. just.. stop.

"my life has gone to the rats"
:(. why the hell would it put it out of pain? do you think freezing to death would be painless?
let a snake eat him it's natural.
Just don't let them send it to Michael Vick.
Do NOT put it in the freezer. you can find a humane society probably and they will not charge you alot if at all. the one i worked out if you couldnt afford to euthanize an animal but it was suffering they would do it. Look around. Dont stick it in the freezer, thats horrible. could freezing to death come without pain? If it hurts people to freeze to death then it hurts animals to freeze to death that is not a good idea.
Im not sure but the least pain ful way to kill it without a special injection would be to cut off its head very quickly. Wait for more answers.
I think it might be more fun to put the rat and your friend in a freezer and see which one is the first to die. Last one to die gets to go free. If the rat lives you can get him a little walker. My Grandmother had a stroke and she does fine with her walker.
I would have to say that freezing to death would not be my first choice of ways to die.
actually doing this is definately not recommended. i have a forum that I created with a link for at ahome youthanasia. i'll post the link. I've never done this or even had to think about it however I do know that you have to follow the directions exactly. Sorry to hear about your friends rats. I had 1 that had a stroke and it was very sad. she didn't make it through the night.
if you take it to your local humane society they will put down your rat for a small fee... I had to do that for my ferrets... we took one ferret to a vet before and cost us 150!
I also know of two people who use a freezer for euthanizia-
The rat would have to go through hypothermia which in itself would be nasty- imagine how cold your feet get in winter boots in the snow- and imagine how that little creature must feel in a freezer! I don't know how anyone could consider such a way of death as cruel- and in fact if the proper authorities were to find out such a thing these people could be charged with cruely to animals,(not that it matters, the most they'd get is a slap on the wrist)- Freezing is not a legal method of euthanasia.
I feel sorry for the critters- I hope you inform your friends that for five bucks the humane society will put down an animal-
Let it be. If it dies it dies. Its better then then freezing the thing to death. Maybe it will live. I dont know.
No, animal cruelty fo shizzle. Tell her no it's not right! Foshizzle!
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This is such a horrible way to kill a precious little sensitive creature that I started sobbing.
Please do what spazratz told you!
putting it in a frezzer is not pain less that is a no to putting it in a frezzer
DONT FREEZE IT, let the humane society put it down.
freezing it would be a lot more painful than just letting it live and see if it ends up being okay.

if you really don't think the rat will make it, go to the humane society.
Please do NOT let your friend put the poor rat in the freezer! Most vets (including the one we take our rats to) will give medicine/see pets/euthanise small animals for a highly discounted rate compared to say, cats or dogs. Please encourage your friend to call around and speak with a few vets!
Yes, it most definantly does hurt them and even if it didn't, would you really stick the poor thing in a box and put it in the freezer? What a horrible way to die! You should LEND your friend the money to take it to the vet and see if their is a won't be over 50 dollars and probably not even that much. Do whats right.

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