Red Spots On My Guinea pig?

You may all be tired with everything about my guinea pig. But I woke up this morning, I went to feed them, and there was this weird red spot on her skin. She had a scab on another place before. We think that she has a fungal infection. Please Help!

(If you are going to write something unnessary, please don't

The reason that I say this is because i have seen all of the inconciderate things that people write to other people)
i woud tkae it to the vet ASAP just to be on the safe side
I've personally never owned a guinea pig, but i've owned a hamster. My first hamster I owned started getting scabs around her mouth. Unfortunately [silly me] I thought it would go away, but she later died.
So it's best to take your guinea pig to the Vets for a proper check-up just to be on the safe side. Good luck xo
Without a photo, I can only take an educated guess that your piggie has mites (most likely) or a fungal infection or BOTH. Unfortunately, if one piggie has them, they both do, whether the other one shows symptoms or not.

You can take your piggie to the vet to find out for sure, but I just treat them myself. I do this as a preventative measure for my piggies so I never have to worry about them getting mites. You can purchase Ivermectin from any feed supply for very little money. This is what the vet would give your piggie. See this link for proper dosage & instructions on how to apply it.

You'll notice on the left side of the page there are four different topics. They will tell you dosage, depending upon whether you choose to give it topically or orally. If you don't understand how to figure the dosage, please make sure you get adult help so you don't overdose your piggie. Or, you can take your piggie to the vet for a professional opinion. Please don't allow a vet to do a skin scraping. It is painful for the piggie & very unnecessary.

I use over-the-counter Miconizole cream for any suspect fungal infections. You can buy it in the drugstore in the women's hygiene section. Its used to treat yeast infections. This product is about $10.

I'm glad you are being such a conscientious piggy parent! You can avoid some real tragedies just by keeping a close eye on your piggies & watching for any changes. Because piggies are prey animals, they hide their illnesses very well until it becomes impossible for them to do so. By that time, they are usually VERY sick, so the sooner you see a problem & get it treated, the better chance your piggies will have.

Best of luck to you!
clean its cage if you haven't already this week. get a bag of 7 dust at the store dust him well this will keep fleas , mights ,and chiggers from bighting him put a little bit in it bedding too but don't let it get in its food or watter. clean her spots with alcohol to kill the infection . put vitamin e on the scabs that way they will heal quick but do that last after everything else i have told you you can get it at a drug store or wall mart most places have it take a needle and poke a hole in it then squeeze it on the scabs . you may need to seperate them too. good luck & let me know how it goes
the guinea pig may have mange and is scratching alot it may be getting scabs from this a sign is red spots and scabs it also has flaky skin at least 5 of my guinea pigs caught this they will need shots from the vet before it gets too bad
It sounds like mange from dust mites which is a rather common although dangerous ailment in guinea pigs. It is very contagious among guinea pigs. If left untreated it can lead to seizures and death. Its best to get your guinea pig to a vet who treats them sooner than later. Invermectin is a very successful treatment.
There is no question that you need to have your "Cavy" seen by a Veterinarian. I just learned that Guinea Pigs have sensitive skin to start with and tend to get Mites. I had to take mine in for grooming last weekend and they had to "scrape" her skin because it was red, and then treat the area and they gave her a shot too. She is doing great now. ALso, your "Cavy" needs vitamin C every day, which also is important and good for her skin. Tablets at pet stores are advisable, and stay away from drops that you add to the water. it makes the Vitamin too concentrated when mixing with it, as the Dr. told me.

First though, take your "piggie" to a Vet for a check up. she is no doubt uncomfortable with the spot and scab you mentioned. These pets get itchy to their skin also, very easy.

Take care.

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