What do Rats Smell like?

I regret asking this as my first question.

An acquaintance said he wouldn't eat at a particular restaurant because he could smell rats when he walked in. At the time I didn't have the oppourtunity to query him as to what rats smell like so I thought I'd ask people who actually own some.

I realize domestically kept rodents and feral rats are two different things.but I'm hoping someone may be able to describe the smell of a nest of rats.

Thanks in advance.
if he says he can smell rats, he means the smell of rat pee, rat pee soaks into any absorbable surface, and if there is unglazed terracotta in that resturant that will absorb the ppe and release the smell like a sponge [ i made the mistake of putting an unglazed terracotta pot in my rat cage for a sleeping place honked like hell!!]

rats per se though dont have a smell, they are one of the cleanest animals on the planet, they clean themselves more in a day than cats do. although i will admit that sometimes theycan do the most smelliest poos[normally fear ones] but thats not normally the case
I imagine they smell like shat. LOL I got thumbs down for a correct answer, go smell a sewer and that's what a rat smells like.
Your friend either has super human smelling resources, or he,s a kook.
They smell like Rats, you can't describe it.
I would imagine that they smell with ,like, their olfactory nerves in their noses.
I have pet rats and they smell like most rodents, it's hard to decribe. Musty? Your friend may have been smelling rat feces but I doubt he actually smelled rats.
It's probably a "wet dog" smell he's describing. I know sometimes my rats smell like a dog after they go for a swim, but only until they clean themselves.
I doubt your friend's sense of smell is so strong that it would detect such a small odor. It could be something like a dog in the alley or one of the workers. You should see how sweaty some of those cooks can get.
dont know
pssssssshhhaaw! he cant smell rats! thats near to impossibe! unless there dead or hoping everywhere! like you cant throw a stone whithout hitting a rat. i have a rat that to me smells like baby powder some rats smell sweet some rats smell raunchy but not as raunchy that you can smell them a mile away
Honestly, rats don't really have to much of a smell unless they are caged- then they smell like hampsters.
my boys smell kind of musky. it really is hard to describe the smell. some people have rats that at some point smell like grapes or other foods.
Healthy companion rats actually smell nice! Our boys smell amazingly like corn chips. I've heard people say their girls smell like grape soda or grape jam, but to me our girls smell more like herbal hair conditioner. This is obviously a natural odor, as our boys don't eat a lot of corn products (everyone gets organic sweet corn on occasion) & we don't use conditioner on the girls or anyratty for that matter.
rats are generally clean. male rats have musky scent that can be off putting. I doubt your friend could smell rats.

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