Is Watermelon OK for hamsters??

Watermelon is fine, just not too much because it has a high water content, and you don't want him getting diarrhea. ;)

That's assuming you have a syrian hamster though; dwarf hamsters are really prone to diabetes so you want to avoid giving them sugar as much as you can.
yes, if you want to kill them.

...just kiding, watermelon is fine.
i think fruit is ok for them.
Is hamster food ok for you?
Yes. They love fruit and they know what is good for them.

Honey, hamsters are rats in the end. Think Templeton in Charlottes Web. :)
Sure, why wouldn't it be? It's mostly water which is OK for them, and you can feed your hamsters fruit.
yup!! mine loves watermelons!!
It's OK, but just a tiny piece.
The best thing for their health is fresh cabbage and/or lettuce (a small piece every day.)
yes i am pretty sure it is ok! But not to much!!!
yes, just be sure not to let them eat the seeds because they cant digest that part

Its is a good idea to use watermellon if you are going on vacation and taking your hamster with you because since you cant keep the waterbottle in the cage while the car is moving (it will spill, or the hamster could chip a tooth while drinking) and since watermellon is full of water then that is a good alternative to the waterbottle (only while in the car)

just thought you might like that little bit of info
NO NO NO it's not ok. Too much moisture in the watermelon. The hamster will get diarrhea.
yes but not too much
its ok
only a little bit will do
if you feed them too much they could die
yes. just in case, here is a list of things they can and cannot eat.

Vegetables and herbs that are safe to feed a hamster are:

* Alfafa
* Apple (seedless)
* Asparagus
* Avocado (skinned and seedless)
* Banana
* Basil
* Blackberries
* Blueberries
* Broccoli
* Brussel Sprouts - small amounts occasionally - not all hamsters like the strong taste
* Calabrese
* Cabbage - should only be fed in small amounts occasionally as too much can cause health problems
* Carrots
* Cauliflower leaves and stalks
* Celery
* Cherries - stones should be removed as they can be dangerous if gnawed
* Chestnuts
* Chicory
* Chinese Leaves
* Coriander
* Corn-on-the-Cob
* Corn Salad
* Courgettes
* Cranberries
* Cress
* Cucumber
* Curly Kale
* Dates
* Endive
* Fenugreek
* Feijoa
* Figs
* Grapes
* Green beans
* Kale - should only be fed in small amounts occasionally as too much can cause health problems
* Kidney Beans (cooked)
* Kiwi Fruit
* Kumquat
* Lettuce - small amounts occasionally - in excess it can cause liver problems
* Logan Berries
* Lychee
* Mange Tout
* Mango
* Marrow
* Melon
* Mint
* Mung
* Okra
* Pak Choy
* Papaya
* Parsley - a good tonic
* Peach
* Pear
* Peas
* Plums - stones should be removed as can be dangerous when gnawed
* Potato (cooked)
* Raspberries
* Raspberry Plant leaves - beneficial for diarrhoea
* Rhubarb (cooked)
* Rocket Chard
* Sage
* Sorrel
* Squash
* Star Fruit
* Strawberries
* Sugar Cane - small amounts
* Sweet Potato
* Soybean Sprouts
* Swede
* Sweetcorn
* Sweet Peppers
* Ugli Fruit
* Turnip
* Water Chestnuts
* Watermelon
* Water Spinach

Vegetables and herbs that should not be fed are:

* Kidney Beans (raw)
* Onion
* Potato (raw)
* Potato tops
* Rhubarb (raw)
* Rhubarb leaves
* Tomato leaves
most definitely. water melon is mainly... water
it contains no toxins, but it is a good idea to give your hamster some dry food as well with his/her fresh food, as this will mean that he/she gets all the nutrients they need
Watermelon is ok but only in small amounts. Too much naturel suger is not good for any animal, but a small amount is ok. They like the rind too.

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