Question about a guinea pig cage?

can i use a plastic container for a guinea pig cage it will be huge it is like the kind u can get a walmart but t is huge and so i can put more accessories in there for him will that be ok has anyone else done that
It's fine, as long as the sides aren't low enough he can chew on them. Guinea pigs can even be kept in cardboard boxes with newspaper short term, if that's the only option. Think about it- wire floor bottoms ruin their feet, and MOST guinea pigs cages have plastic bottoms anyways- as long as he can't eat the plastic, it's fine!! Without the top on, of course!
I wouldn't recommend it. They chew and once they would start chewing on it, they would continue.
They will find a way to start chewing, even if you have toys.
I would not get a cage that has a plastic bottom with a removable metal cage top. I had one like that for my guinea pig and everytime he got spooked he would run and kick out bedding/poop all over the ground. And I don't think a plastic tote type thing would be a good idea either because my guinea pig also liked to dig and chew things. I didn't like my guinea pig much.
im wouldnt, get a wired cage.
Plastic containers would make living conditions pretty unbearable for a guinea pig. With those tall walls, not that much fresh air would circulate, and it would cause respiratory problems. I have a plastic pigloo in my cage, and they chew on it at times. So, it wouldn't be great if they chewed through the bottom. I would really, really suggest making a C&C (cubes & coroplast) cage. This is a cage that's made out of a carboard type bottom and organizing cubes. You can find the coroplast at a local sign shop for about $15, and the cubes at a target or walmart for about $10. There are directions, and much much more about the C&C on . It was the best thing I ever did for my guinea pigs, and i'm sure you wouldn't regret it.
I don't recommend that, either.
Guinea's have a bit of stank to them and a plastic cage really doesn't allow for the right ventilation. Would YOU want to live in a plastic cage surrounded by your own urine fumes?

I included some sources that show good examples of enclosures for guineas. There's even a tutorial to make one of your own!
yes don't put a lid on for air make sure he cant get out
Listen to the previous posters about the C&C cages! They are unbelievably wonderful. Please don't use a plastic container or aquarium.
I wouldn't do that. go there they explain what you need to make a homemade cage.
clear plastic containers are fine as long as you
have room for a house
a hay rack
a water bottle
a food bowl
and room to play
if everything fits then that is a fine cage

*i suggest CareFresh bedding*
they need lots of space to run,

this is the absolute best place to go.

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