Are cheerios safe for dwarf hamsters?

i have a dwarf hamster, i've been feeding it cheerios for about three months. nothing has changed physicllay exept if i give him more than 3 or 4 (which is rare) he gets fat suddenly so then i dont feed him any for a day or two. please say in your answer if you have a dwarf hamster. thanks
Generally Cheerios are safe for them, but It seems to be "bloating " him up. Try using real hamster feed and tiny cut up veggies and fruit instead.

No raw beans,tomatoes,garlic, onions,chocolate
any sugary or salty foods.
Okay. I do not have a dwarf hamster, but I did babysit two for about two months. I never fed them cheerios, however, I do have gerbils, which I DID feed cheerios. They seem to be fine. Make sure the cheerios you feed them are regular, not frosted or anything, and look to see how much sugar it has in it. I think your hamster will be fine if you feed him cheerios as a treat. I hope this helped! Please email me or something to let me know! Thanks!
no dwarf hamster but I have had several guinea pigs. I once gave them a small piece of Pop Tart and for the next few hours they were running everywhere like crazy and making more noise than ever but for the next day they barely moved or anything.

PLEASE do not feed your hamster cheerios, frosted flakes, anything. Do not feed it human food. You want to know why it gets fat suddenly? Because of the sugar in the cheerios. They have tiny hearts that beat MUCH MUCH faster than ours and if it beats any faster they can suffer a little heartattack or their heart can literally explode. Too much sugar will give it a sugar rush and it can kill them. I'm sure a little while after eating them he has trouble breathing after his heart slows back down.

Feed him hamster pellets, which are specially formulated for his body, and keep the cheerios for yourself.
only like 1 everyother day.
I had a rabbit who had cheerios, it made him fat and sick... I wouldnt keep doing it
Just plain Cheerios are okay as a treat.
I didn't answer this question, so how come you said I did? But since you want me to, here does. I don't have a dwarf hamster. But I did have mice. You should probably just give him Cheerios once in a while for treats.
BTW--You should not have posted that as an answer for my question. You are a mean person.
yes but shouldnt give them more than 2
are the cheerios ur giving him/her the regular ones? if so you are fine if they are the fruity or yogurt or the honey ones i wouldn't suggest it..
Hamsters can eat cereal as long as it has no added salt or sugar on it. A few cheerio's everyday wont cause weight gain for your hamster, but if he likes sunflowerseeds and nuts, this might!

I dont have a dwarf, but am a proud owner of a 16 month male syrian, and this breed is very prone at getting chubby!
just plain cheerios and only one . One cheerio doesnt seem like a lot but consider how big your animal is . It should also eat some of its other food.
yes as a snack, you do feed it regular hamster food?
No. They give hamsters bloat and can result in wet-tail. As hamsters are rear-gut-fermenters, this can be a fatal condition if not detected and treated in time. Stick with food and treats made specifically for hamsters. On a daily basis, offer your hamster a small amount of fresh fruits and vegetables along with their "lab block" style food. (People often allow their pet birds to eat human breakfast cereal too and I say the same thing again. It is not good. It's all natural but it is not actually in the natural form, it is stripped. It causes loose stools a.k.a "the runs".)

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