Do guinea pigs smell really bad?

my mom wants to know.
Guinea pigs do a great job of cleaning themselves. They do not stink. However, if you don't clean their cages, the urine build up will smell. Daily scooping and weekly changes will keep smell nonexistent.

*Guinea pig poop has no odor. If it does, your pig has an GI infecton and needs antibiotics.
they dont smell REALLY bad. but any animal smells if you dont take care of it properly. so if you clean its cage daily, it wont stink that bad, but it might still stink alittle
They only stink if you don't clean their cage. They poop a lot and need to be cleaned twice a week to prevent a smelly cage, but the animal it's self does't smell.
If you clean the guinea pigs cage often, and groom it once a week, then it wont smell really bad. If you dont clean the cage often...then it smells REALLY BAd.
Guinea Pigs don't smell too bad. But, you do have to clean their cage once a week to keep the guinea pig healthy and to keep the cage from smelling REALLY bad. Also, additinal "spot cleaning" everyday is good, too. Male guinea pigs tend to stink more then the females do.

I hope that I helped! Thanks!
no but they do need a nice rinse every month or so.
well they are "pigs". not really bad though
no they dont
MAke sure that you clean the cage at least once a week and then they shouldn't smell TO much. Of course they are rodents though, and rodents naturally do smell a bit.
Guinea pigs do not have an odour and do a fantastic job of cleaning themselves. They only smell if you do not clean their cage. The urine builds up over time and the guinea pigs run through it causing the guinea pig itself and the cage too smell.

Their poop does not smell either, only the urine when it is left to build up.
Cavies have no natural "odor". They do not smell at all.

If you have a piggie that "smells", you are really smelling the bedding that has transferred the smell of urine to the pig! If the bedding is kept clean, the pig will not smell at all.
i babysat my sisters piggies for 10 days and they did not smell. you gotta keep the cages really clean (that is where the stink comes from).

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