Do Male Rats Have Nipples?

I've Got 2 Rats Called Pepsi And Sprite.
I Definately Know Sprite Is A Boy Because He Doesn't Have Nipples.
But I Noticed That Pepsi Has Nipples And Hasn't Got Much Space Between His (You Know What!)
But The Vet Said He's A Boy But The Thing Is Pepsis Been Getting Fatter And You Can See Nipples Clearly On Him!
The Vet Was Also New (She Had Just Started Working As A Vet)!!
So Is Their A Chance That Pepsis Actually A Girl Because Over The Week He/She Has Been Gettin Big But She Hasnt Been Eating More Than Usual.
Could The Vet Of Got It Wrong As She Had Just Started Vetinary Work??
Please Answer Coz I Really Need Too Know Basically If Male Rats Have Nipples!! Please!
Answers: Sounds like Pepsi is going to be a mama! Just so you know rat gestation is 21-24 days
Male rats do not hold nipples. Sprite will be a good father to the litter, however he will also re-impregnate Pepsi without hesitation following the birth of the kittens- and this would be unhealthy for mom and adjectives babies.
You should remove dad the week before the nativity,(sounds like immediately) and put him within a large little one proof cage- as the male kittens will entail to be separated from mom and female litter mate at five weeks old to prevent the mother and womanly siblings from being re-impregnated-

The sex of the rats should be unproblematic to differenciate, as it's impossible to miss rat testicles from about five weeks on. Once the males testicles descend he is adept of fertilizing the female and producing brood. Be prepared for up to twenty baby rats! If you don't want to Separated sprite and Pepsi consider neuter Sprite-

If you chose to keep both your masculine and your female rat, but don't want to spay Sprite- you will have to house them separately or your womanly will be constantly pregnant, which wouldn't be healthy for her or her young. If you chose to keep them separate consider keeping a newborn or two of each sex as companions for them-

I know you will find responsible homes for adjectives the babies- Here are some tips to help you do only just that-

To prevent your babies from being snake feed-
Make sure adjectives babies are sold under contract that specifies that they must never ever be feed to any reptile.
Ask money for your baby rats-more money than the local pet stores- This will comfort prevent reptile owners from buying your rats-*15-20 dollars each is ussually a dutiful idea) Don't sell your rats to a pet store- most rats contained by pet stores are sold as feed for reptiles.
Be prepared to preserve any baby rats that do not sell-

Interview potential buyers- Ask question like: What do you plan to nurture your rat?
How much time do you intend to allow your rats out of cage?
Have you own rats formerly?
What kind of pen will you house your rats in? etc-

Good luck beside your rats- :O)

You probably have a pregnant womanly. Male rats don't have perceptible nipples. That is a surefire way to put in the picture the females when they are just a few days outmoded!
If they are anything like hamsters REMOVE him powerfully before the birth.I come home from work one night and my aquarim looked close to a psycho movie.My white angora male be like,in good health,gone!And mommy was over within the corner just cleaning away on her babies!
you know what they enunciate : get a second evaluation...

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