What kinds of snacks do hamsters eat?

i know tey eat hamster food and the store has treats but im talking about something like apples and stuff like that. What all can they eat and can i give them it everyday
You can give them apple scraps, lettuce, things like that. Sorry in the small animal cateogry I have a rabbit so I am caught up on those kinds of treats here are some links though...


also some hamsters like different things so just try a few things and watch him/her
this site should definetely help

Sometimes other Hamsters! Veggies & Nuts are good.
Carrots, cabbage, celery, oregano, veggies that they should be getting in addition to the pet store food. They can have yogurt with active cultures in small amounts, no cheese, no sweets. Apples are good to give them. They shouldn't have lettuce, as lettuce is mostly water and they can eat too much of it and not notice, so stay away from lettuce, except in very very small amounts.
almost anything you can eat they can eat
they like fresh vegetables and fresh fruits or you can go to a pet store and you will find alot of treats variety, good luck
I used to give my hamster dog bisquits and he love them.
Hamsters looooove sunflower seeds! You can feed them a little bit of the purple cabbage ( it helps reduce the stress) shredded up! You can also give them carrots and stuff!! But not to much or your hamster will get sick!
you can give them grapes without the skin, apples but the size of it dependingon how big the hamster is,carrots ,yogurt,sweetcorn, mostly any type of nuts or anythign natuarl.and if you want them to have good teeth let them chew on a twig or a doggy biscut but make sure it is all naturl and no food u give ur hammy is oily cause that would be very bad for them!!hope this helps
i have hampsters and they love treats w/ sun flower seeds in them and they also love chew toys .
strawberries. u mite not want to give it to your hamster every day cause then it will get sick.
I have 2 hamsters & feed them "human" food all the time. There is actually a long list of things u can give them. But there r also a few things u shouldn't give them so it would be best for u to Google, "Hamster care" & u will definitely find ur answer's. But, in the meantime, they can have carrot's, celery apple's, lettuce (small amounts & not every time), cheese, yogurt, hard-boiled egg's & one of their fav's is corn on the cob--just cut a chunk of the corn (with cob still on) & give it to them. >>>ZETA
as you have said, they "store" stuff, so consider that some things go rotten and ruin their stash. fresh veggies are good, like you said a "snack", offer them too much and they will horde. fresh peas and salt-free nuts, carrots have good "storage" time.
hemsters mostly eat green vegetables like cabbage
The only fruit that you cant feed to hamsters is citruis fruit and tomatoes as these are poisonous to them. Also veg that has a high water content like lettuce and cucumber can cause runny poo's, so give sparingly.

My hamster loves sweetcorn, peas, bananas, brocolli and mushrooms. But strawberrys, grapes,apples, pears ect are all very poular.

As Hamsters eat insects in the wild they need a little protein in their diet, so a little cooked egg, chicken and ham is good for them to.

Hang a hamster cereal chew bar in the cage to keep its teeth trimmed down, and as odd as it sounds a little dog biscuit (plain) They adore these and its funny watching them trying to carry it around the cage.

Never feed your hamster human junk food. Anything that has sugar, salt or a high fat content will cause serious harm to your pets health. So no sweets, crisps. chocolate, etc. Only fresh healthy food.

Uncooked pasta, sugar free cereal and a little wholemeal bread is fine too. I like to treat my hamster to hazel nuts, walnuts or monkey nuts, as hamsters love trying to break through the shell. It keeps them busy and occupied, stops them chewing on the bars of the cage (which can cause brain damage) and is good for their teeth.
they can eay anything thats on this web

whenever i had hamsters(im going back a few years)i fed mine plain bonio biscuits they loved them !!
My hamster loves cereals.. and strange u may think when my mom is cooking up foods, or when i bought something to eat, my hamster always smell it.. and climb up the cage bars and chew on the bars.. when i go near it, it will stop a while and sniff sniff...
I tried cabbage, cereals, breads, apples, biscuits, ham... these are some rare snacks.. the usual is still hammie foods and the cereal nut sticks that u can hang on the cage..
Mine likes beef jerky and beer. Every now and then I'll give him some Nachos....he also smokes pot.
friuts and vegies... they also sell these yogurt drops at pet stores that alll of my previous hamsters have loved and im sure yours will too.
apples, celery, hard boiled egg slices, dog biscuits broke up, yogurt drops, strawberrys, but do not overdue it, they can get sick.
Well we have two hamster and we give them a few pieces of lettuce a carrot each and each a grape. Then we hand feed them some nuts and hard food out of the hamster mix and each a yogurt chip!! They love it and they also stay very heath.

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