My hamster is building a nest on the wheel and is using food and bedding is she pregnant?

not likely. rodents like to nest in general. all of them do it. they are just makeing themselves a cozy home:)
my hamster did that too but it was a male.
i doubt its pregnant, i think the wheel is a comfortable spot for them maybe
Probably...When I had hamsters they also had babies.. DO NOT TOUCH THEM FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS! If you do the mother will eat them. Just a heads up. Did you see her and the male mate?If you did she is most likely pregnant.
I would say not, mine has done that and it was female but not pregnant. They like to bulid nests so to me this is not out of the ordinary
hey iam a por at hamsters as u can see mt nick name,.ok
ur hammy is not pegant(will if she had any boys hammys then
e mail me!) she is just like the wheel that all my hamster dose
the same and a girl too! so dont worry she just want to make a home where she get everything she likes,food,bedding,
wheel..and on so hope i help u out see ya!!
she could be. i have 4 hamsters is one cage, 3 girls and 1 boy. the girls always make nests all over the place. Its just because they think its comfy. but she could be pregnant too.
No, she is suffering from a rare disease called termo ti ti meculitis it causes them to think they r pregnant, ps just an fyi it is gonna die soon and when it dies its fumes are toxic because of the disease so get rid of it now!!!!!!!
if the lower part of her stomach is rounder and larger than it usually is, and she looks bigger, then she is pregnant. change the bedding a few days before she gives birth. start giving her some veggies, make sure you wash them, so that if she has babies, they will be healthier. and leave the babies alone until they are weaned.
my hamster do not build nest when she is pregnant. she build a nest when she already gave birth. Cox she dint want her baby hurt. but please dont leave your hamster with no food or she may
eat his baby.. poor baby.
Unless she was with a male she isn't pregnant, my brothers hamster did this to, built a big fluffy nest in her wheel and then at night she would run in the wheel with the nest flying all over. They just feel comfortable there and that's where they want to have their nest to sleep then.

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