What is the absolute most humane way to put a small suffering animal down?

I'm not looking for any critism. I've went around and around with this for days. My hamster has taken a turn for the worst a few days ago. About a month ago, he got into a fight with another male hamster that got loose. He was badly injured, but with a little TLC he scabbed over, and was doing remarkable. He was back to his old self. But recently, he has really went down hill. He is nearly at his life expectancy, and he's suffering, I can tell. I dont want him to be in pain. What is the most humane way to put him down? I dont want to watch, or be there, so it cant be anything where I have to be present, I cant handle that. Even a vet recommended this today. I love this little guy, he was our first pet ever, and I cannot stand to see him suffering (infection from bite wounds I suppose, had become infected, now he will no longer let me treat it, and he has lost the use of his back legs for a few days, its preventing him from getting to his food and water, its time) please, no mean things
Please speak with another vet. The most humane measure is for a vet to euthanize, especially if he is at the end of his time. I've been in involved with various rescue works and know more people involved rescue works than I ever hoped to meet. Practicality and kindness are key ingredients. And as far as hamsters or guinea pigs, I know vets who not only treat them, but while put them down if the circumstances are right to prevent suffering.

As for you not wanting to be there (providing you find a compassionate, practical and understanding vet)...I understand...but please consider this...that your little guy gave all he could to you and it would be nice for him to have you there by his side. It's insanely hard, I know. You have no idea how much I know. But, it's for him...to have a loved one with him as he passes over The Rainbow Bridge.

My heart and sympathy is with you and the little guy, more than you know.
call another vet
Are there any other veterinary hospitals in your area. Some vets only deal with dogs and cats, while others deal with a wide variety of animals.

Try searching for vet hospitals near you, if they deal with small animals, they'll definitely provide euthanasia services for them as well.

EDIT: IF you manage to find a place, keep the address somewhere for future reference. Some hamsters, if taken care of properly, can live up to 3 years, and in rare cases, 4. Simple veterinary care could have lengthened your hamster's life span.
Plastic bag (Zip lock double ply). Just wire tie the ends and walk a way come back the next day.. or Rat poison up to you. sorry
Most vet clinics will euthanize small animals. My daughter had a pet rat, and she saw the vet regularly for pneumonia.. all rodents from time to time get that . She took antibiotics for 10 days and would be fine. She eventually got cancer and was wasting away. One day I took her in and did the humane thing. I then put her back in her cage, and after school my daughter found her dead in the cage... thinking she just died naturally. I never told her.
The ONLY humane way to put him down is to have the vet do it. You do not have to be in the room when this happens. The only other ways for you to kill him would be quite cruel--starvation, injuring him to death, etc.

I'm sorry you have to do this. We just had to put our bunny down a couple months ago. Vets can and will do it--just find a new one. She is being quite strange in implying that it cannot be done.
An injection to make it sleep is the most humane way. No pain suffering. Sorry for your lost.
I just had to put my sweet rat George down today because of his skin cancer, so I understand what you're feeling. The vet I took him to gave him a sedative shot twice before administering the "death juice" into his heart, for $20. Started at 1:10, and he was gone at 1:20. My advice is to find a vet that will do it for a reasonable rate. The vet clinics in my area will treat all sorts of small animals (they treated my python once), so hopefully you can find one that will treat your hamster in your area.
I am sorry about your animal, they mean just as much as dogs and cats. I'd suggest chloroform and soak it in a rag (don't breath it in yourself) and let him gently slip off to sleep, but I doubt you can find that stuff around. Doctors used to use chloroform to put people to sleep for surgeries, but an "overdose" was used to euthanize animals.
you could buy like rat poisen i know that sounds mean but its not they just feel thirsty and when they go to drink they get sleepy and sleep and never wake up. you could call your local pest man i kno urs isnt a pest tho but yer he might have some humane ways other then this one. sorry to hear about your little guy but your doing the right thing. all the best and give him a cuddle for me please.
find another vet !! that is way to much 2 put 1 animal down
That is exactly what you need to do. At PetSmart when our small animals get really ill like that, We take them to the other PetSmart that has a Banfield and if its to late for them, then they euthanize it. Thats the best way to do it honey. Good luck.
What ever you do DO NOT let the vet inject the hamster, death is not quick, unless a major organ is hit! I use to work in an animal shelter and trust me this is not pleasent! I have a home made gas chamber when my mouse was dying I put her in an ice cream bucket with shreaded paper, I put 1/2 cup of vienagar in a cup in, then just before closing the lid I added 2 table spoons of baking soda. Wait 10 minutes and he should be dead. This lets of CO2 gas and will put him to sleep with out pain and fast. I got this method off a mouse forum as an emergancy euthanazia. This is the only way I will put down my rodents!
Keep calling vets or shelters. There is no humane way for you to do it yourself. It's a tough decision, and I'm glad you are being responsible. Any vet can do it, some may not want to. But be persistent and you'll fond one.
Try looking into the HS or any rescues in your area.

The humane way would be to have the vet put him under and then give him a shot. He needs to be under anesthisia (sp?) since their veins are not big enough and the only way to get the shot in is through the belly or heart, which is painful.

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