Is a 10 gallon aquarium okay for a rat (or two)?

if you put two rats in it, they will be very crouded and uncomfortable.. if the are still small then it will be an ok, temporary home.. but do not leave them in their more then a month. and as long as they are in such an unvetilated area, they need to be out of the aquarium as much as possible and the bedding needs to be changed every day otherwise the ammonia WILL make them very sick and die. check out this calculator at http://www.kristinewickstrom.homestead.c... to show you that the demensions are not enough for two. but try to give them layers , such as shelves and such. they need that kind of stuff to play on, try to get some bird pirches for them, and put a small bowl with some potting soil and halfway grown plants in there too. they will dig in it and have plenty of fun since aquariums are boring since they cant climb the sides.. but probably the most important thing is for you to use a lid that gaves ventalation or they will sufficate.. a good one to use is a wire fridge shelf or CLEAN grill rack. put a brick(or sumthen heavy) on both sides or they will push the corner up and get out. Check out for alot of rat info.
Fine. Just add animal toys to it
Get a wire cage. Wire cages are best. Look for some cages on Foster and
for now. If they are very young and still small. We had a rat at first she was in a 10 gal aquarium. Then we purchased a wire cage with a wheel at petco--they still sell them they are purplish pink and cost $69. or so. I was mad that my husband spent that much but it was well worth it. Well, worth it. The rat recently passed, she was about 2 years old and a family member.

The rat definitely needs a wheel and needs to be held a lot and hand fed something yummy. I would't use an aquarium permenantly, a wire cage will allow it to hear the family moving around the house and hopefully will have stuff to climb on and the aforementioned wheel. Get the one at petco if you can because it was perfect--very easy to clean and transport with you on little road trips or whatever. Our gal evacuated with us before hurrican Rita and in all the hullaballoo she just ran and ran on her wheel like she always did like nothing was wrong.
a 10 gallon tank is NOT enough for ONE full grown adult rat, and definately not ok for 2 of them. They're actually pretty active animals, and do best in one of those wire multi-story animal cages, like the ones commonly sold for chinchillas and ferrets.
wire cages are best, well ventilated and always change the bedding. the ammonia from their pee can make them sick and die. aquarium cages nauseate the rats.
Agreeing with the comments above, I'd like to add a bit:
Rats gnaw on things, and like to escape. Aquariums, though easy to clean and solid, have glue holding together the seems (for water tight seals). Add teeth to glue, and you no longer have an aquarium fit for fish. Good to know if you hand it off later.

Also, rats are smart and active - you can train them to come when you call. We used to let our rat roam the first floor of the house, then scratch the carpet (and have a snack ready) when we wanted to put him away. Although we eventually did get him a ramp style cage, he lived in an aquarium for quite a while because we cleaned it regularly (moisture and ammonia are an issue) and he was rarely in the tank. Also, look at petco - they have 10 gallon aquarium toppers that add height and ramps to the tank, while not increasing the footprint. If you plan on two rats, though, for sure get a bigger tank, because two will fight each other for space, food, and wheel time.
That might be okay, but make sure that there is a wire screen on the lid, or the rats will suffocate. Glass cages can be okay, but wire ones are much better. They provide more circulation. If you do get a wire cage, try going to a craft store and getting plastic cross stitching "cloth," cut it out to the size of the platform(s) on the cage, and place them on the platform(s). This keeps the rats' feet from getting caught in between the bars of the cage floor. It also greatly prevents something called bumblefoot. This of course is not good for rats.

Also, make sure the rats are the same gender (or neutered/spayed, but people don't usually do that), or they will have babies! The babies can also mate with the mother, father, or other babies really soon after they are born (not like 5 minutes, but you get it). Make sure this doesn't happen either, because then the babies' babies can sometimes have problems with development or birth. And I think I'll stop now because I seem to be digressing...
Lets put it this way-
one rat = 2sq. ft.
two rats = 4 sq. ft.
i think you are good...
a 10 gallon tank is ot big enough!! for 1 rat let alone 2
an aquarium by itself is big enough for one rat (but please dont just get one rat) what you need to do is get some hammocks to hang right on top of each other (about 2 inches part) to create some more sleeping places and more 'levels' to the rats. Otherwise you can go to your pet store and get an aquarium topper, these work soo well! they are about 25-30 dollars and they are like a wire cage without a bottom that sits and secures on top of an aquarium, it gives your rats a ramp and another full level (you can get them with two more levels too) which is a great alternative to getting a 69 dollar two story cage.
If they are young, they can use the aquarium for a short time. They will outgrow it quickly, though. And they really should have a wire cage for better ventilation. A lot of the wire cages have levels so they can run around more. The aquarium should only be temporary.
A 10 gallon aquarium is NOT big enough for two rats or even one.
First: Rats are social creatures and do best with cagemates. If you get the rats at the same time from the same place it's better because you won't need to quarantine. If you get them at different times or from different places you will have to quarantine for at least three weeks at different locations.

Second: A rat will need considerably more space than an aquarium will provide.(Unless you get a metal cage topper which will give the rat considerably more space) Metal Cages are best since they allow air to ventilate and rats are very susceptible to respiratory diseases and infections. That being said you will also need to cover the metal floors to prevent them from getting bumblefoot. A good site for cages is:

You can also find some nice cages at Pet Smart or Petco. Just remeber when dealing with a rat the bigger the cage the better!

Also if you have any questions about rat care here are some sites that will help you when choosing bedding, treats, toys, etc...

I hope this helps!

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