My hamster's teeth are yellow is that not good?

Ya, most hamsters teeth are yellow. Mine's were too, when I bought her. I've seen many perfectly healthy hamsters with yellow teeth, so I wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure that its teeth don't get too long. Give it lots of chew toys such as toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks or maple twigs if you haven't already. Thats nice of you to be so concerned about your hamster - you must be a great owner.
Good luck with your pet! :)
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yea it is fine they are yellow because they are not being cleaned everyday it is fine and normal
That is perfectly ok your hamster will have yelllow teeth every hamster does so you don't have to worry!
idk see a vet
I don't think it's bad.
You might want to call your vet or something just in case.
I'm sure it's nothing.
Does it somke? Lol, probably not they dont clean there teeth everyday like mot people do, so itd fine. Just star giving it some of those special pellets.
its fine it means she/he is eating well so thats go
I think you should take your hamsters to a vet
Its perfectly normal. You have a healthy hamster.
My hamsters teeth were yellow too and he turned out alright.
Yellow teeth are not a real problem as long as you make sure you are providing enough hard material for him to gnaw on. All rodents gnaw because their teeth contiinue to grow throughout their life. If they don't have suitable material to gnaw on, their teeth can grow to a point that they can't eat. Make sure you provide what your little guy needs, and there is no problem.
Yes, It's normal. It is because of the food they eat and the things they do that tint them yellow. Same as humans.
yes that is normal they are supposed to be yellow if they are not yellow it is sick
that is normal all hamsters teeth turn yellow
yes they get that way, remember they don't brush! LOL

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